Friday, July 2, 2010

On The Go

So we all know that we need to have 72 hour kits, one for each person in your family. But where are they stored? Most people keep them in the closet or garage, which is just fine. Did you think about what to do if you're away from home and your supplies? Keeping a 72 hour kit in your car is a perfect way to stay prepared. Yes, this does mean having 2 kits per person, but you will be prepared no matter where you go. Emergencies are not picky and don't wait for the most convenient time for you to happen.

Also, there are some extra things you will need for being away that you don't need when at home. Have quarters in your kit for using payphones. Have some sort of bathroom/waste system on hand, including toilet paper. You'll need a shovel and hatchet as well. Have a pair of walking shoes in the trunk. You don't want to be stuck trekking miles in heels! You'll need a shelter too. Sleeping in the car may not be an option at some point. Make sure you have water!!! As a good rule of thumb, keep the gas tank filled at least 1/2 way at all times. You may need to take off quickly and without notice. There's no time to stop at the gas station! Don't be stuck on the side of the road with no options. You may also consider keeping a gas can filled in your vehicle too. Plastic ones don't seal the fumes well, so I suggest a metal one, such as a "jerry can."

Make sure you have the items that your family needs. Every family is different in their needs. One family may need to have formula and diapers, while another may need diabetic supplies. Pack what you use and will need. Be prepared!